As the Most Used Social Media, Where Do Most Facebook Users Come From?

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MOST USED SOCIAL MEDIA. We all know that Facebook is the most popular social media and also most used social media in the world as it report by We Are Social. It is believed that today, the number of Facebook accounts exist in the system is bigger than the number of the whole population of the world.


This means that every person can have more than one Facebook account. As the most used social media across the globe, where do most Facebook users come from? Here’s the answer.

1. India

In January 2018, there are 250 millions Facebook users in India. This number makes India as the country where most Facebook users come from. Why Facebook become most popular social media site in India? It is believed many people living in India use this social media as the platform to do daily business and also to get connected to their Indian relatives living around the world.

2. United States of America

Besides India, there is the United States of America. Even though Facebook seemed to be less popular than Instagram today in the USA, there are still 230 millions of Facebook users in the whole area of the USA. However, it is also believed that most people living in the USA are also using other social media sites such as Twitter and of course Instagram.


3. Brazil

The first South American country in this list is Brazil. There are over 130 millions of Facebook users in Brazil. Brazil is basically packed with people and many of them are not originally from the country. That is why Facebook is very prominent in Brazil for communicating with other people across the globe and probably to connect people with relatives at home.

4. Indonesia

Just like Brazil, there are approximately 130 million Facebook users in Indonesia. This Southeast Asian country has total population of 260 million by January 2018. It means that half the population of Indonesia use Facebook. Facebook is a big deal in Indonesia because it is the platform where information is mostly shared.

5. Mexico

The last country in this list is Mexico. There are 83 million people using Facebook in Mexico. Just like Indonesia, Facebook is such a big deal in Mexico because information and important news are shared with Facebook, mostly.

Now that you know the countries where most Facebook users come from, you will no longer wonder about it anymore. To this day, it is indeed that Facebook is the most used social media around the world. The versatility of the social media makes many people just cannot live without Facebook.

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