Why Facebook Becomes the Most Popular Social Media in the World?

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MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE WORLD. A lot of people ask about the most popular social media in the world. By far, Facebook remains to be the most popular and prominent social media used by millions of people across the globe.


Ever wondering why? Here’s why Facebook becomes the most popular social media in the world.

1. One of the Oldest

Before the golden era of internet and social media especially, Facebook has been already around. Facebook was found in February 2004 and by 2007 it has reached its popularity. Almost everyone around the world created Facebook account to this day. Being one of the oldest social media, people certainly have a Facebook account before they have their Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Even when the other social media sites emerge and gain popularity, people do not delete their Facebook accounts and keep using it. Basically, this is why Facebook is the most popular site of social media to this day.

2. It Has Everything

If you think carefully, you can easily like Facebook. On Facebook basically, you can do anything, starting from making long notes, sharing pictures, sharing links, making live videos, chatting, and so on. When using other social media, probably you cannot do all of them using one social media. Say for example, when you use Instagram, the main purpose of that social media is to share pictures.

That is it and you cannot do many things else. On Facebook, surely you can share pictures and do many things about it, such as completing it with links, tagging people to the pictures, and so on. The versatility of Facebook makes the social media remains popular and used by a lot of people.

Not only that, currently, since facebook user become the biggest one all over the world, facebook develop their platform with social media for business. Facebook advertising will charge you some money to use their advertising platform. But of course, this online media advertising have will charge less budget compare to conventional advertising. This feature also makes a lot of user with business interests keep using facebook.


3. It’s Free

Most of social media sites on the internet are free and so is Facebook. Facebook is not going to charge you any money, unless you use the social media for business. There will be advertising charge that you have to pay. However, overall Facebook is free and can make you money instead of charge you money. This is basically why common people, business-minded people especially, are addicted to keep using Facebook.

Those are 3 main reasons why Facebook has the title of the most popular, most well-known, social media around the world this day. There are indeed so many benefits that people can get from Facebook, even now facebook as a social media already become part of people lifestyle.

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However, besides all those features and advantages, everyone as a Facebook user must remember one thing that Facebook, as the most popular social media in the world, is only a tool, which we are as a user should be used only for good purposes.

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