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is youtube social mediaIS YOUTUBE SOCIAL MEDIA? Have you ever wondered about it before? The answer for that is yes. Why is that? To get to know more about it, just check the information we have list down below.

Knowing about What Social Media Is

Social media provides a space to make connections to others. it provides a network of people. It is such technologies which allow people to create and share many things such as information, career interests, ideas, and many more forms of expression. All things like that are shared via virtual networks and communities. Looking at that, we can answer the question about “is Youtube Social media ?”, yes YouTube is a social media therefore.

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Brief Overview about Youtube

As mentioned before, YouTube is basically a social media even though it is familiar to be a site in which people like to watch a bunch of videos from. But indirectly it is established as a social media website for sure. Youtube headquartered in San Bruno, California, it is an American video-sharing website which is very popular nowadays.

In the beginning, there were three people who created this service in February 2005. Along with the time and future prospects of this service, later in November 2006, Google bought it and this social media website turned into one of Google’s subsidiaries.

This social media website allows people to watch videos from all over the world. It is not only about watching videos, but people can also upload their own videos. Others than that, you can give comment on videos, subscribe to other users, share videos, add to favorites, rate, view, and report. Currently, this services has become the biggest video sharing platform in the world.

How to Make Connections on YouTube

If you wish to know how to make connections on YouTube, here we provide you several tips you can do to your YouTube account. Let’s just take a look at the tips below.

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  1. Once you decide to use YouTube to make connections, try to post quality videos regularly. This one will help you to keep your subscribers interested. Moreover, if you post quality videos, your subscribers will visit your channel voluntarily over time.
  2. Try to make as many friends as possible. Not only people who interested watching your video but there are many people who have also YouTube channel, and they also interested to connect with your channel too. So you can make a lot of friends with them.
  3. Try to get subscribers and favorites from others. You can ask people around you to subscribe and favorite your videos. But, you should do otherwise for them.
  4. Try to respond to comments. You better reply to people’s comment on your videos. As long as the comments are legit, you can reply a good response.
  5. Try to apply youtube optimization on your video. These methods will bring your youtube video become on the first page of youtube search engine. You can find various technique on google or youtube channel itself for detailing any method or technique.

That’s all we can share and hope what we provide to you can give the answer to a question like “is YouTube a social media?”.

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