Find A Way: How to Stop Windows 10 Update

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how to stop windows 10 update

HOW TO STOP WINDOWS 10 UPDATE. How to stop windows 10 update has been asked by many people. As you may know, windows 10 can update itself without warning and this is a way you can try to stop it anyway.

Ways to Stop the Updates
Forced updates which are a policy made for Windows 10 is such a controversy. Many people don’t agree with it. Although automatic updates are for good in fact, there are some people who consider it as not-a-good-thing. Why? Those people may find it can be troublesome like dreaded crash loop.

However, the updates will still happen whether you like it or not. That is why many people try to look for ways to stop it. If you wish to know more about it, here we give you three ways how to stop your Windows 10 updates that you can try. Each of ways will be mentioned after this has its own pros and cons, so you have to decide carefully.

In the first place, you can setup a metered connection. There is a compromise offered by Windows 10 for its users. The compromise is that it will update several updates which are in a list of priority. It is done to save bandwidth. The second way is to disable the updates. The third way, you can use group policy editor.

Steps to Stop Windows 10 Update
For the first way, you can open the settings app and go to network and internet section. Select Wi-Fi and click on the Advanced Options. Later on, turn on toggle namely ‘set as metered connection’. In the second way, you can go to Run command by press on Win+R. type there services.msc and press enter. There will be service list appears later and select Windows Update Service. In startup type, you can select disable. In the end, you can restart.

In group policy editor, you can go to Run command like in the previous way. There you can type gpedit.msc and press enter. You need to go to computer configuration. There you have to select administrative templates, and then windows component, and then windows update.

Open that and set the setting to be ‘2- notify for download and notify for install’. Pres Win + I to open Settings app. go to navigate to and then select update security and also select windows updates. You can select check for updates there. Restart for a finish. This is the end of ways you can try about how to stop windows 10 update.

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