How to Download Windows 7 Updates Manually ?

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download windows 7 updates manually

HOW TO DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 7 UPDATES MANUALLY ? Download Windows 7 updates manually have to be done once in a while. Windows 7 is still used by a lot of people these days. The existence of its successors such as Windows 8 and 10 does not make the popularity of Windows 7 go downhill.

A lot of people still feel comfortable with the user interface of Windows 7. Even that is debatable depending on the tastes of each person. The user interface of Windows 7 looked more attractive and easier to use for some people. Considering that a lot of people still use Windows 7, Microsoft keeps launching the Windows 7 updates.

If you do not have an internet connection that can be used 24/7, automatic update is probably impossible to do. That is why you need to do a manual update if you want your Windows 7 device to be updated. Below is more information about download Windows 7 updates manually.

1. Getting the Windows Update Downloader
In order to be able to download the updates of Windows 7 manually, you need to make sure that your computer or laptop has Windows Update Downloader. This software is going to allow you to execute the manual update download. You can visit the official Windows 7 website and then find the Windows Update Downloader as well as a long update lists that you may need later. Right now, you need to download the Windows Update Downloader.

2. Downloading the Update List and the Update
After downloading the Windows Update Downloader, you can download the update lists. You do not have to download all of the software listed on the list, but you should download the entire list. After that, save the updates list that you have downloaded to the same folder as you keep the Windows Update Downloader. After you do that, you can install the downloader and then download the Windows 7 update whenever you need. But, you should make sure that you have a strong internet connection to download it.

After you have the manual update, install the update by clicking on the updated files. It should be going smoothly and easily. Considering that a lot of hackers and viruses are out there, you need to strengthen the computer software regularly. By updating the Windows 7 regularly, there will be better overall performance as well as enhanced computer and network security system against harmful stuff from the internet.

Besides of updating the Windows, make sure that you also set up a strong privacy policy for your Windows 7 updates. With only a few people have access to the computer, it will be easier to track the main problem when something goes wrong with the computer and internet network. Do it and always download Windows 7 updates manually for stronger, more reliable your Windows 7 computer.

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