Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date and Other Information About The Device

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galaxy s9 release date
.  One of the smartphone products mostly waited by people this year is Samsung Galaxy S9. When is the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date actually? What are the specifications to offer? A lot of people are curious about the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the newest Android smartphone from Samsung. It is believed to have sophisticated and advanced new features. Many people are also curious about how this Samsung Galaxy S9 will look like. Due to the unrevealed date of release of the product, nobody really knows how the product will look like. But, many rumors claim that this Samsung Galaxy S9 release date is in March 2018. So, all the Samsung’s fans will soon be able to see and enjoy the latest product of the manufacturer.

Some of the newest features that you will most likely find in the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone are including improved rear camera and the newest version of the Bixby virtual assistant. The long-awaited AR Emoji is also rumored to be featured in the newest Samsung Galaxy S9. For more information, below is more information of Samsung Galaxy S9 release date and many more.

When is Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date?

The Samsung S9 release date has become people speculation for all this time. Many predictions claim that the Samsung S9 will be released soon to the public this year around March. This news makes the people who are waiting for the product launching for long get release.

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They don’t need to keep asking when they will get the first look of this latest series of Samsung smartphone. But, there is no one will know the exact appearance of the product. This is because all about the products are just rumors and the manufacturer keeps this smartphone in secret for the reasons unknown by public.

Now it is time for the big news. The release date of Samsung Galaxy S6 is set to be March 16. Yes, it is less than two weeks to go and you can get the smartphone in your hand. The Samsung Galaxy S9 release date is not applied for all regions in the world. It is believed in the UK the device can be bought even before March 16.

Take Closer Look To Samsung Galaxy S9

What differentiate this Samsung Galaxy series with the older product? Well, there are a lot of amazing features offered by this smartphone. To satisfy the customers with great results of images and videos production, this Samsung series comes with dual aperture cameras which have been upgraded before. By using this kind of camera, the pictures you create with the Samsung Galaxy S9 will come with clearer and sharper colors.


Moreover, the dual camera of the smartphone is also supported with 10nm innards. This makes it possible for the camera to have capability to capture videos with very slow motion actions. Thus, the video products you create by using this smartphone’s camera will also be satisfying in quality. This Galaxy S9 comes with various colors to pick up include Midnight Black, Lilac Purple, Coral Blue and Titanium Gray.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be packed with amazing features. The specs are also sophisticated and advanced. The display of this smartphone is a QHD+ resolution (1440 x 2960) with 5.8-inch of size. The display has Super AMOLED technology to make sure that the users of the smartphone get the best experience while using the phone.

To enhance the performance of the smartphone, Exynos 9810/Snapdragon 845 chipsets are used. Beside of that, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage are also placed inside the phone so that no lagging could possibly happen. It is also believed that the camera, battery, and operating system of the smartphone are nothing to be disappointed of.

The cameras are both having flash and autofocus. The rear camera is 12 MP and the front camera is 8 MP. This smartphone is using the software of the latest Android operating system which is the Android 8 Oreo, allowing more and more advanced features to be placed on the phone. Using the smartphone can last even longer because Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be powered by 3,000mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

What about this Galaxy S9 price? Again, it is only rumor but most people are surprised to find out that the price of this Galaxy S9 is not as high as they have been expected before. Many speculate that this smartphone will only cost 739 pound sterling up to 869 pound sterling. It is quite less than the previous series of Samsung Galaxy considering this product is the latest one and comes with more advanced technology to offer.

It is a Samsung smartphone, more precisely, it is a brand new Samsung smartphone. That is why no one expects the price of the smartphone to be cheap. However, it is not the official price and people predict the price to be even higher. So that’s some brief information about Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date and also price prediction about that new Samsung smartphone.

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