What is MoSo?

Now in its sixth year, MoSo is an event founded by a group of volunteers from across Canada, taking place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Programming includes innovation/tech, music/art, and content/marketing. It’s all about the convergence of creativity.

When is MoSo?

MoSo kicks off with an opening party (details coming soon) on the evening of June 16, followed by a conference keynote day on June 17 and community talks and programming on June 18.

Music events run June 16 – 18. The free stage will run on Friday and Saturday.

June 18 — MoSo in partnership with the Broadway Theatre presents Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Where is MoSo?

MoSo takes place in the Broadway area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). Our venues include the The Broadway Theatre, Amigos Cantina, Vangelis Tavern, Buds on Broadway, and The Refinery, and more.

At the hub of the action is our free stage on 10th street (exact location may change). This stage will provide free community programming from noon-8:00 PM on both Friday and Saturday. This area will include live music, seating, food trucks, and more.

What's the point of MoSo?

The point is to bring our creative communities together for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun. Find your new favourite band. Learn about the latest technology. Get inspired. Meet your new business partner. Really, the goal is just to provide a fun way for those of us working and playing in the creative space to connect.

I’m considering buying a MoSo ticket I’m unclear about what a pass will get me. Help me make sense of it all.

We are so glad you asked. The best way to experience MoSo is to buy a MoSo Keynote Pass.  For $250 + gst you get access to all talks, music events, Saturday community talks programming,  parties and secret surprises. 

Early Bird Keynote Pass special: The first 150 MoSo Keynote Passes include Buffy Sainte-Marie on June 18. Offer closes April 4, 2016. 

Student pricing is available for the Keynote Pass for $150 + gst.

If you are only interested in the music component of MoSo you can buy a pass for that too! For just $60 + gst you get access to all of the music events and Saturday community talks programming. 

Or you can purchase a music pass + Buffy Sainte-Marie for $95+gst. Only 75 tickets available. Offer closes April 4, 2016. 

If you can’t commit to a pass for the music component you can purchase tickets to single shows with cash at the door (more information coming soon).
The free shows at our community stage are open to the public.
As a MoSo attendee you’ll be eligible for discounts at our local bar and restaurant partners (details TBD) And you’ll have access to exclusive parties, happy hours, and events throughout the festival.

With the exception of the Friday keynote day or other individually ticketed events, all venues are first come first serve.

Whoa, whoa, what’s up with this ‘first-come, first served’ business? Am I going to be able to get into anything with my ticket?

If you purchased a ticket for the Friday keynotes you are guaranteed a seat at that event.  

However, for all wristband venues, the number of reserved spots for passes is relative to the size of the venue, so the number of badges allowed into each event varies. We realize how much it sucks to spend money on a badge and be turned away at the door, but it’s important to realize that admission is not guaranteed. So if there’s a music show or community talk that you really, really want to see, you’ll want to either get there early. 

But even if you don’t, we’re confident that you’ll be able to see a ton of great shows and talks armed with nothing more than your very affordable pass.

Music venues do honour a one-in, one-out policy, meaning if a ticket holder leaves at any point during a show and there’s another badge-holder waiting to get inside, they’ll be able to enter at that time.

So, you said tickets will be sold to individual shows?

Tickets for MoSo events will be sold at the door the day of, and a number of events will have tickets on sale in advance. Once we begin announcing the lineup, you'll be able to check the website for a link to our ticket sales.

What about the keynotes? Can I just buy a ticket for one or two of the keynote talks?

Tickets to individual keynote speakers during MoSo Talks Keynote Day are not available. It’s impossible for us to clear the Broadway Theatre after each talk and have everybody enter again. We hope you can understand.

Do you offer non-profit pricing on your Keynote Pass?

Unfortunately we can’t afford to offer a non-profit price on our Keynote Day, as we are a non-profit ourselves. We are trying to pour every available dollar into enhancing our programming as we want the MoSo experience to be phenomenal. 

We’ve worked really hard on improving the affordability of MoSo. Specific activities include: lowering our Keynote Pass price from $350 to $250; adding the student discount ($150 instead of $250), a lower priced Music wristband ($60) and increasing the number of free activities we offer (free community stage and free talks on Saturday).

I’m 17-years-old and believe that MoSo sounds really, really great. Can I buy a badge?

Yes! But! Tickets to a lot of MoSo events are at 19+ venues, and we want to be up front about that.  Even if you have a wristband or keynote talks pass, if you’re underage, you won’t be allowed into certain venues (it's the law).

That said, the outdoor shows at our free stage are all ages, as are a handful of others.

All keynote talks and community talks on the Saturday are also all ages.

Access to parties is 19+.

I’m over 40 and spend my evenings drinking tea and watching Downton Abbey. Is MoSo for me? I heard it’s just for young people.

No, we welcome creatives from all generations.  Buy a pass and get in on the MoSo fun.

Ok, I bought my pass. Now what? Is the emailed confirmation I received all I need to attend events, or do I need to pick up a physical wristband or conference badge somewhere?

Thanks for your support! Before attending any event, you need to trade in that email confirmation for your physical wristband. Print out the email you received after purchasing and bring the printed out PDF confirmation or your phone to our registration desk/box office (details to be announced soon). 

What else do I need to know about picking up my conference badge or wristband?

To collect your wristband each individual holder must bring a photo ID. Passes are non-transferable. This means that each badge or wristband will belong to one individual, and you may be asked to show ID at all venues to confirm the pass you are using is yours. If the badge has been tampered with, it is considered void.

If you need to change the name on an advance ticket order please admin@mosoconf.com

I see no emailed confirmation after ordering a pass --- AHHH!

Panic. Just kidding. If for some reason you don't see a confirmation in your inbox within 24 hours of purchase, check your spam folder; it might be hiding. If you're still coming up empty handed email admin@mosoconf.com and we’ll take care of you.

Can my band play MoSo?

Possibly. To apply to play at MoSo fill out this short application and tell us how awesome you are. Applications close March 31, 2016. 

I have a really interesting topic and I’d like to speak for free during your community conference programming?

We love you. Seriously, you’re the best. Fill out this form and if you are selected to speak you will hear from us before April 30.

I’m super cool and totally get what you are trying to do with MoSo. Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes! We are! Thank you for asking! You’re definitely one of our favourite people ever. Fill out our volunteer application to receive more information.

I am an esteemed member of the press and would like to cover MoSo for my magazine/newspaper/blog/social networking site of the future. Are press passes available?

Yes, please help us make a big deal out of MoSo. Ask for a press pass at mike@mosoconf.com. All passes will be considered on an individual basis. 

Sponsoring the festival would totally be awesome for my company.

That's not really a question, but yes.. it would. Email mike@mosoconf.com and we’ll make all your wildest dreams come true.

I don’t get it. MoSo? That doesn’t even make sense. Why would you name your event that?

It’s really fun to say. Try now...Mo...So. Mo….So. See how much fun you are having? We hope that clears up your concerns. Look, it originally stood for Mobile Social.  And, now it's this amazing convergence of creativity and fun. So there :) 

Still confused about something?  

Shoot an email to admin@mosoconf.com and we’ll lend a helping hand.