MoSo Makes Waves

It all started with a conversation over a cup of coffee. Six years later, this seemingly crazy idea has surpassed everyone’s expectations. And that original conversation has become many inspiring conversations, informative talks, and amazing musical performances.

This is our sixth year. And it’s going to be the best ever.

MoSo is a community-driven conference and music festival in Saskatoon, SK that runs June 16th to 18th and focuses on innovation+tech, music+art, and content+marketing. But it’s about so much more than being a spectator --- it’s about being part of the conversation. MoSo is a convergence of creativity.
The convergence
of creativity.

The point is to bring our creative communities together for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun. Find your new favourite band. Learn about the latest technology. Meet your new business partner. Get inspired. Add your distinctive ripple to the greater waters to help create a tidal wave of creativity.